Watch the Global Urban Lecture ‘Stand up for Public Space!’ by Luisa Bravo

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At the Habitat III Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development held in Quito, Ecuador (2016), City Space Architecture’s President Luisa Bravo was selected among several scholars all over the world to give the lecture ‘Stand up for Public Space!‘, to be included in the season 4 of UN-Habitat Global Urban Lectures, a free resource of video lectures open to use for academic, professional or personal purposes. The synopsis of the lecture and a list of reading materials are available on UN-Habitat website:

With over 100,000 views, UN Habitat Global Urban Lectures are the most viewed videos of UN Habitat. Every 15 min video lecture documents sustainable urban development knowledge of urban experts associated with UN Habitat and shares it across UN Habitat’s wide partner base across the globe. These lectures are part of Habitat UNI, which is UN Habitat’s partnership with universities worldwide. UNI (previously HPUI – Habitat Partner University Initiative) was introduced as a means of promoting cooperation between UN Habitat and institutions of higher education, as well as facilitating exchange and cooperation among universities globally. UNI promotes universities becoming closer partners of cities, actively engaged in problem solving, thus closing the gap between academia and practice and encouraging collaborative learning. UNI promotes and facilitates the dissemination of educational and research products of its members and involve scholars, researchers and students in a number of activities. The collaborations aspire to create the next generation of urban leaders, managers, researchers and practitioners. UN Habitat acts as a catalyst, facilitating partnerships between universities and other agenda partners.

Stand up for Public Space! was a networking event held at the Habitat III conference, promoted by City Space Architecture in collaboration with the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, LASE+CityUrb in Ecuador and the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

A short report of the event is available on Habitat III website:
A full report of the event is published on our The Journal of Public Space:

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